(CH, Tamed Musiq, ESP Institute)

Switzerland’s Ripperton — a man out of time, a 6-stringed bass, a fish swimming upstream against the mainstream tide. After over 20 years as an artist, Ripperton is still where he has always been — where the music is good, surrounded by the unique people he believes in, releasing only but his best work.
Away from the hype train, Ripperton’s journey as an artist has taken him on a flow of successful musical collaborations and permutations through the years such as Soul Merge, Lazy Fat People, Roots Panorama and solo project Headless Ghost, plus the respectable labels Perspectiv and Tamed Musiq to his name. Each reflecting and adding colour to the broad spectrum of his music repertoire — be it soul and disco or ambient, alternative or indie-oriented, in live performance or a fascination with analogue or texture — these flashes of colour appear in his wide body of remix work and emotive DJ sets that simply speak to those who are in the know.
Ripperton’s work is always personal. And from his previous critically acclaimed albums on Green and Systematic to his latest release on ESP Institute, whether he’s playing in the mountains or at a boat party, it’s Ripperton doing what he is doing with his personal best.

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