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DEETRON In 2011 Deetron further cemented his profile as a DJ extraordinaire with the release of his much lauded Balance CD as well as a touring schedule taking him to all four corners of the world. In addition, a string of successful and critically acclaimed remixes as well as his summer hit “Starblazer” landed him many a spot in the yearly polls. Read all about Deetron’s 2011 after an update of what’s to come in 2012!


“Balance (Deetron exclusive)”

Balance Music

Today we bring you a choice selection of Deetron’s music from the compilation. His edits of Radio Slave’s “Let It Rain” and Romanthony’s “Bring U Up” are backed by the previously unreleased ‘extended version’ of his own “Collide” and his original “Croque.”

A little taste from the massive feedback received:

Carl Craig “Collide paints lovely sonic landscapes”

Agoria “Every single track on this sampler is goooood!”

Âme “This is a great release!! Support for all.”

Maya Jane Coles “Deetron smashing it as always!!!”

Sebo K “Deetron never disappoints!! Excellent release!”

Soul Clap “Luv the jacked up versions of Romanthony. Will def be using that.”

Funk d’Void “This collection is just 5 star awesomeness! I love Deetron!”

KiNK ” Deetron is a rare example of being an amazing DJ on stage and a great studio producer at the same time. All four tracks are great.”

Matthias Tanzmann “This is such a great edit of Romanthany!!”

Reboot “Bring U up will SMASH the dancefloor. What a BOMB.”

Joris Voorn “This is beautifull stuff … LOVE the Romanthony edit too!”

ZDAR (Cassius) “Whatever Deetron is producing, it’s always ending up in our sets. These will do the same! Thank you so much and bravo!!”


PBR streetgang


Hot Creations

On the flip and Deetron on remix duties needs no introduction. Hot on the heels of his recent fantastic Balance DJ Mix album, he works his magic, flanging the drums and adding a battalion of ominous analogue keys and stabs and a sonic backwash breakdown creating the perfect retro take on the original, truly outstanding.

How does this feel when you’re in the club? Check this out.

Marc Romboy vs Rodriguez Jr

“Picnic Electronique”


Still riding high from the deserved success of his stunning Balance compilation the ‘producer’s producer’ turns his attention to “Picnic Electronique,” presenting us with a rework of epic proportions. Soft keys are backed by a mighty kickdrum as the mix builds and builds. A cascading gem-like waterfall is then finally driven out by huge biting synth chords. Superb.

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2011 overview 2011 has proven to be an extremely fruitful and productive year for Deetron both in terms of releases and gigs at clubs around the globe. With his multiple deck-wizardry appreciated by many he entered the RA Top 100 DJ’s and highlights such as his remixes for Danny Howells, Gerd and Ben Westbeech as well as his omnipresent tune “Starblazer” propelled him to Nr. 7 of the most charted artists of 2011 on RA.

Deetron “Balance020″ Balance

- Charted by DJ Mag UK as second best 2011 compilation.

- Datatransmission hands out the golden medal for the mix.

Deetron “Starblazer” Rejected

- reaching the n°2 spot in the Beatport 2011 top 50 charted tracks and RA top 100 (2011 + all time) charted tracks.

Deetron “The Juggler” Get Physical

(ft on Heidi presents Jackathon EP)

Roots Panorama (Deetron & Ripperton) “Threee” Versatile

Deetron “The Maze” Pokerflat

(ft on Steve Bug Forward to the Past compil)

Deetron & Ripperton “Depth Frame” Music Man


Gerd “Palm Leaves” Royal Oak

Ben Westbeech “Fallin” Strictly Rhythm

Vakula “Saturday” 3rd Strike Records

Danny Howells “Everything’s here’ Dig Deeper

David K ft Opium “Somewhere in my head” Rue de Plaisance

T-Ski valley “Catch the beat” Peppermint Jam

Akabu “Life is so strong” Z records

Simon Garcia “Tears in Vain” Perspectiv Records

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