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OXIA (FR / Infiné Music)


“Harmonie/Flying Over Time”

Infiné Music

InFiné could not dream of any better track to celebrate this new addition to the label´s roster than with ‘Harmonie’. Oxia never sounded so classy and so emotional – two major features of the label´s trademark. On the flipside, ‘Flying over Time’ is an obvious wink to Chicago`s heydays. Deep in its purest form!

Released on vinyl only on March 26, this EP offers two delightful foretastes for his forthcoming album.

LISTEN NOW http://soundcloud.com/infine-music/sets/oxia-harmonie-ep-if2039/s-FZqbi

“TIDES OF MIND” new artist album

Since completing his debut album (24 Heures), Oxia has released underground beauties on Kompakt, Tsuba and 8bit and has been heralded by Beatport as the pacesetter on the French techno/house scene for an entire generation. Whether through melodic techno tracks – ‘Domino’ in 2006 – or more house ones, such as ‘Whole Life’ in 2010, Oxia has managed to capture last decade’s zeitgeist with surgical precision.

For his new album “TIDES OF MIND”, Oxia decided to put aside the trendy electronic patterns and to move back to more classic but no less enjoyable House Music. With this said, the album is not shy of a deep and melodic sound that ventures to the dancefloor with a stamp of the Oxia groove.

The jazz-referencing, relentless beat of ‘Rue Brusherie’ sees Olivier swing alongside Richard Gow on piano. Occasionally too he borrows certain aspects of early house, as is clear on ‘Flying Over Time’ and ‘Housewife’, where he shares the stage with Miss Kittin. And yet he ventures into other sub-genres just as gracefully. Alongside the more percussive ‘Latitude’ and the melodic and techno ‘Nightfall’, track ‘Harmonie’ is a sensitive and modern deep-house gem in perfect harmony with the InFiné catalogue. Two eminent guests also feature on the album: Scalde, whose vocals soar against the keyboard lines of the highly personal ‘The Phoney Lullaby’ and young singer Mesparrow – a new talent on the French pop scene – on introspective cut ‘Traveling Fast’, a style Oxia had not accustomed us to.

This is music conducive to daydreaming, smiling, feet-tapping and escapism… The album unfolds seamlessly, much to our serenity and delight. “Tides of Mind” is the work of an artist who appears to enjoy a new-found sense of tranquillity and is second to none in managing to convey it.

OUT CD/LP/DIGITAL – April 23rd

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OXIA LIVE As if the scoop on OXIA his new album isn’t enough, there is more exciting news. For the upcoming festival season OXIA will be performing LIVE!

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