Miami dates / new addition COEUR

Cœur (BE, Philomena) [kœ:r] m.

French for Heart


The chambered muscular organ in vertebrates that pumps blood received from the veins into the arteries, thereby maintaining the flow of blood through the entire circulatory system.


The only name he could think of for his music. Because the heart is the vital source for one’s being, emotions and sensibilities. Because every melody he composes comes straight from the heart. Because his organic sounds have a single aim and that is to make your heart race. His heart skips a beat every time he enters a club or a studio, be it as a sound engineer or partygoer. Cœur sounds like a melody but is not for the weakhearted so beware of his beats. His heart beats for Cœur. And so will yours.





Cœur’s late night spread it

Somebody I used to know (by Gotye)


The next chapter in the mysterious Philomena saga. This time we find one, well, maybe obvious song from Gotye, but done with much Belgian love, so it’s the only version of it you’ll ever need. High quality cover and mastering like always … On the flip one edit straight from Dixon’s library.

Miami sunshine For those being lucky enjoying the Miami sun this week, put your dancing shoes on for the following parties.

March 20

Kabale und Liebe – Mindshake @ Treehouse

March 21

Deetron – Joris Voorn & friends @ SET

March 22

2000 and One – The bullit mixer @ Dream nightlife Kabale und Liebe – Un_Mute @ The Vagabond

March 23

Deetron – Viva @ Shelborne pool

March 24

Deetron – OM @ Villa 221

Deetron – Positronik @Mokai lounge

March 25

Deetron – Giant Throbbing @ Electric Pickle

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